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1959 - Роден во Скопје

1978/79 - Студии по Историја на уметноста со археологија при Филозофскиот факултет во Скопје

1982 - Дипломира на Факултетот за филм и форографија при Универзитетот Јужен Илиној во Карбондејл, САД


Одбрана филмографија (сценарио и режија)

1978 - Breakfast (short): Untitled (short - A.K.A. Joke);

1980 - untitled (short - A.K.A. Passport); Wednesday Morning At Five O'clock As The Day Begins (short): The Working Class Goes To Heaven (short): Christianity 101 (short): untitled (short);

1981 - The Tenant (short); The Wire (short); Paths Of Glory (short): Beautiful Blue Danube (short);

1982 - untitled (short - A.K.A. The Black Leader Film); Divine Comedy (short):

1983 - Damar (music video); Wavelength (music video); Aber Dojde Donke (music video):

1985 - Tough Granny (short); Hot Day In Mexico (music video):

1986 - Macy's Christmas (promotional video);

1990 - Possession (feature pilot): Black & Leather (short): Black & Leather 2 (short);

Brooklyn Bridge (short): WMFM (short): Amtrak (spec spot): A Word To Mother (music video);

Undercover (music video); Cut Time (documentary; uncompleted)

1991 - Fever (music video): Kid Get Hyped (music video); If You're Serious (music video); Soho (short);

Heaven Knows (promotionalo music video): title unknown (promotionalo music video);

Apollo TV (credit sequence); Cassette (spot)

1992 - Tennessee (music video); One To Grow On (music video); Forever and Ever (music video);

A Dirty Cop Named Harry (music video); Do You Want It Right Now (music video);

Shine On (music video); Fakin' the Funk (music video); Just my Imagination (music video);

Just a Little Love (music video); I Don't Mind (music video); Never Saw a Miracle (music video);

Widowmaker (music video); Similak Child (music video); You Ain't Thinkin' About Me (music video) Baby, I Believe in You (music video): You're Telling Me Stories (music video);

1993 - Know Your Boots (spot): Vive ma liberte (music video);

1994 - This Generation (music video); Before the Rain (feature film);

1981 - 1999: Author of seventeen screenplays (unproduced and in development)

1994 - 1999: Work in development on several studio and independent films



1983 - 1 AM appearance art, Skopje;

1984 - 1 AM appearance art

(How To Explain To A Live Rabbit How To Explain Art To A Dead Rabbit), Skopje;

1.72 (film-performance), Belgrade Alternative Film Festival;

1985 - 1.73 (film-performance), Split Film Festival;

1986 - 1.74 (film-performance), A Room to Swing a Cat, Brooklyn